Photo of Plumstead Friends Meetinghouse, looking toward one entrance of the meetinghouse. The meetinghouse is beige-colored concrete, with two long wooden windows with open white shutters on each side. Between the two windows is a white wooden entrance structure. A white wooden porch appears in the left-most side of the photo, along with trees. The roof has a wood stove pipe chimney in the middle, and a red brick chimney on the right side. Daffodils are in bloom near the porch. Foreground shows grass and spring beauty flowers in bloom. The sky is deep blue with some wispy white clouds, and some additional trees appear in the right side of the photo.

Welcome to Plumstead Friends Meeting.  Join us every Sunday (First Day) for meeting for worship at 9:30 a.m.

Children are welcome.  Children’s program (First Day School) begins approximately 10-15 minutes after worship begins.




Plumstead Monthly Meeting Diversity Statement

We are a gathering of Friends working for peaceful solutions towards justice and equality in our immediate and global communities. We are a supportive and friendly home for individuals and families living in our diverse world. We welcome all people irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, ethnicities, race, cultural and religious traditions and/or abilities. We are allies in work that challenges imbalance of power and privilege in our society. We work toward promoting inclusion, equity and equality in our meeting. Plumstead Meeting is wheelchair accessible. We welcome you to join us in Worship on Sundays 9:30-10:30. Our children’s program begins at 9:45.

Accessibility Information