Photo of a wooden sign on a white door, which leads into the Worship area of the meetinghouse. The photo is hung on a nail in the door. The sign has a blue-violet/lavender-colored label across the front, that features a willow tree on both sides, and text in the middle. The text reads: "Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God". Underneath the text, it reads: "Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1887)".

Worship and More

We invite you to join us in silent worship every Sunday (First Day).  We are an unprogrammed Meeting.  This means our worship consists of sitting in silence and waiting to hear or feel the presence of the Divine, of God, of the Light Within.  Sometimes, Friends are moved by that Spirit to share their thoughts; other times, we may sit silently in waiting for the full hour.

We gather for Meeting for Worship every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.  Children join in worship for the first 15 minutes and then leave with their teacher for First Day School in a separate small building outside.  When the children return, the shaking of hands closes Meeting for Worship.

At the rise of meeting each week, we provide a chance for introductions and sharing any joys, concerns, sorrows, or afterthoughts.  The Clerk of our Meeting will share other announcements, after which we chat and share coffee or sweets.  On the First Sunday of every month, we sing together at the rise of meeting (sometimes with violin accompaniment) for as long as Friends feel moved to sing.

Business Meeting is held after Meeting for Worship on the second Sunday of each month. Committees that Members and Attenders may get involved in include Building and Grounds, and Education and Outreach.

Annual events at our Meeting include: a Christmas Eve Carol Sing by lantern light; Meeting for Worship and Potluck Brunch on Thanksgiving morning; and an Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt.

Plumstead Friends Meeting is heated in the winter by a wood stove, and cooled in the summer by the morning breeze.